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Full episode of “I’m Asian American and… I Want Reparations for Yellow Fever” online now exclusively at http://www.myx.tv/IAAA!


Remember that consciousness is power. Consciousness is education and knowledge. Consciousness is becoming aware. It is the perfect vehicle for students. Consciousness-raising is pertinent for power, and be sure that power will not be abusively used, but used for building trust and goodwill domestically and internationally. Tomorrow’s world is yours to build.” - Yuri Kochiyama,

Japanese-American activist (May 19, 1921 - June 1, 2014)

Have enough courage to trust love one more time. And always one more time.

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what the fuck do you want




look at the way the man’s expression, in the background, softens when they kiss

there’s too much cute in this one gif

awhh now beat eachother senseless.



Arizona’s law banning Mexican-American studies is constitutional, judge rules
February 25, 2014

A court upheld most provisions of an Arizona state law used to prohibit a controversial Mexican-American Studies curriculum in Tucson on Friday.

The ruling dealt a blow to supporters of the suspended classes, who had hoped the courts would overturn a 2010 law championed by Arizona conservatives determined to shut down the unconventional courses.





the thing is though everytime a girl compliments me on a dress/skirt with pockets and I declare THANKS IT HAS POCKETS her response completely changes from “oh that’s nice” to “FUCK ME BACKWARDS ARE YOU FOR REAL SHOW ME SHOW ME THE POCKETS”

hell yeah